New menu

Take a look at Jarmann's delicious news this winter! We have upgraded our menu.

We are welcoming this cold and freezing time of the year! Say hello to a new menu that will keep you warm in this winter cold. We are serving pub food, entrées, burgers, dinner and desserts, and have of course a rich selection of beverages. In the mood for a tasty gastro burger? Or maybe you are more of a hang-dried and grilled rib-eye kind of person? 

Take a look at our menu and drop by our restaurant for a lovely meal!

Arrange a party?
If you plan to throw a party, you can get a private room with a great view of the Oslofjord on our top floor. Bring friends, family or colleagues and share a great dinner! We have a sharing menu with lots of great and exciting dishes. Take a look at our menu or book a table

Welcome to Jarmann at Aker Brygge!