About Jarmann Gastropub

Jarmann Gastropub - a place for great food and drinks at Aker Brygge.

Jarmann Gastropub is an exciting concept at vibrant Aker Brygge in Oslo, which has almost 12 million visitors annually. Jarmann is where delicious Gastrofood meets a rich variety of good drinks in a friendly and informal atmosphere.


Why the name "Jarmann?

The name is not coinsidental. In 1855, a weapon constructor named Jacob Smith Jarmann and engineer Prosper Nørbech started a mechanical factory in Christiania (Oslo). Two years after, this workshop became Nyland mechanical factory, which later teamed up with the Norwegian well-known brand Aker mechanical factory. This historical legacy is still lead on by Jarmann Gastropub in the same building it all started in. 

A gastropub with rich variety of food and drink

We have a strong desire to give you a gastropub with a large selection of beer both from micro-brewers in Norway and all over the world. We serve pubfood such as burgers, fish 'n chips and bangers & mash. Our chef puts his soul in a well-composed menu, with several varieties of appetizers, mains and desserts. Not to mention a good selection of wines. Our goal is to give you an enjoyable and flavourful experience. 

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Gatronomy is the study of the relationship between food and culture. The word is derrived from Ancient greek, and literally means "the art or law of regulating the stomach". The art lies not only in cooking but also the in way it is served. The term gastropub was first used in London in 1991 by The Eagle – a pub that wanted to combine high-end beer with great food. Not suprisingly, there was great emphasis on British food: Shepherd's pie, fish & chips, and bangers & mash. Now gastropub food also includes popular international specialites such as hamburgers, french fries, lasagna and chili con carne.

We have something for everyone: Take a look at our menu!


Jarmann Gastropub is a part of Akershusgruppen, which runs several of Oslo's best gastropubs. They have extensive experience in the restaurant business. To purchase gift certificates valid at all restaurants in the group, you'll find it here.

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